About Alison

Known for her smile, hugs, and encouraging words, Alison is always ready to share a laugh or make a new friend. She appreciates quality conversations, reading, and playing pickleball, and dreams of traveling the world and one day living somewhere without cold weather. She plans to dress in layers, enjoy soup, and drink warm beverages until then.

Alison has been following Jesus for over two decades, is married to Ryan, and is the mother of a daughter (high school), a son (middle school), and four cats: Dunkin, Toby, Mel, and Ninja. She is a graduate of Nyack College (B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies Bible & Psychology) and Alliance Theological Seminary (M.Div. with a concentration in Christian Education). Alison lives passionately for Jesus, growing in friendship with Holy Spirit and abiding securely in the Father’s love, encouraging others to do the same.