The Heart of Palm Sunday

I was reflecting on Palm Sunday and how the Jews were heralding Jesus as King and a few days later roared for Him to be crucified on a cross, while Barabbas, a robber and murder was liberated (Luke 23:13-25).

Jesus did not meet their expectations.

He doesn’t often meet mine. I wonder if that is because my expectations are not big enough and lack the depth of insight to know what is really needed in any situation.

The Jews wanted to be liberated from the Romans who were oppressing them and this is a very valid desire. Jesus is acknowledged as King and then doesn’t dethrone the Roman government.

No, Jesus understands the real problem wasn’t the Romans, but sin and that spiritual liberation was what was truly needed to bring any other kind of liberation.

It is always about dealing with our internal being, we must be changed from the inside out.

This is a challenge for those of us who like to think we are in control. We can’t will ourselves to be made whole. No, we can only create space for the Lord to work and keep drawing near to Him. We must wait and trust Him with the how and when. We can’t make it happen and that can feel scary.

Combine that with emotions of sadness, pain, and grieving and many close their hearts and refuse to engage the process. They return to doing things for God and then become angry that our expectations haven’t been met. This often leads to anger, and if not dealt with, to the dangerous and dry land of bitterness and resentment.

I am learning to trust He knows what He is doing and what I need to work on exactly when I need to work on it.

Sure, I may think it is time to develop a gift or skill and the Lord knows in fact it is more important to work on my heart so I will be able to handle the gift or skill in LOVE, reflecting Jesus himself and not for my own good.

It usually goes back to our hearts, since we live out of it and it determines so much of our direction and quality of life. Yet, we are powerless to heal our hearts. We self protect, close off and insulate our hearts against further pain.

Instead, we are invited to surrender to the One who is an expert in bringing healing and restoration to the brokenhearted. We must surrender our lives and submit to His ways, timing and method, knowing we can trust and rest that His intentions for us are good and He cannot operate a part from His deep love for us, His children.

May you and your loved ones continue to surrender daily to Jesus so He can bring even greater healing and restoration than you could even imagine!


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The Fragrance of a Heart Poured Out

I’m still learning to bring all of my disappointment and discouragement to the Lord and honestly pour out my emotions to Him.

After I feel like I have “gotten it all out” I choose to worship Him for who He is. I pour out my love for Him and my gratitude for all He has done in the past, is doing in the present, and will do in the future.

The song “Alabaster Heart” is one of my new go-to songs as I offer myself fully to Him and declare His worth.


Watch and listen “Alabaster Heart”


| Verse 1 |

So here it is, my alabaster heart

I’m keeping nothing back from who You are

No hidden treasure veiled by key or lock

You’re a lifetime worth of worship

And that’s only just the start

| Verse 2 |

Here it is, my every waking day

The minutes, hours, the years of endless praise

For You’re worthy far beyond all I could say

There’s a lifetime worth of worship

In the nuance of Your names

| Chorus |

Let it rise like incense

My whole life, a fragrance

Every ounce, here broken at Your feet

Every breath, an offering

My heart cries, these lungs sing

Over You, my worthy King of Kings

| Verse 3 |

There it is, Your alabaster cross

Giving all You are for all I’m not

I can’t believe that’s the kind of King You are

How could I not bring a lifetime worth of worship to You God

| Bridge |

All my love

All my love

All my love

You can have it all

All my heart

All my soul

All I own

You can have it all

| Alt Chorus |

Let it rise, like incense

My whole life, a fragrance

Every ounce, here spilled out at Your feet

Every breath is my offering

My heart cries these lungs sing

Over You, my worthy King of Kings

| Tag |

You’re worthy of it all

Written by:

Kalley Heiligenthal | Benjamin Hastings


Have a blessed weekend and receive all He has for you!



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