Friday Fun

Yay it’s Friday! In celebration of the weekend, I wanted to share something inspirational and fun.

We will kick off the first Friday Fun with a double blessing. Our family has been following Grace for the Millers on YouTube for a little over a month and absolutely love this sweet family. I will let them speak for themselves.


We are the Millers, party of 9. We hope our channel is a place where you can come and be encouraged by the beauty of diversity, adoption, and more! Be sure to follow us on Instagram @GraceForTheMillers, @StephenMiller, and @K.ReeseMiller for more behind the scenes!

Not only is this family fun to watch, but subscribing to their channel and liking their videos helps them earn money to cover medical expenses for Lincoln’s brain surgery (and ongoing treatment) and Penelope’s surgery and dental procedures.

Click here to visit Grace for the Millers

I also wanted to share Stephen Miller’s new album BEHOLD. I am really enjoying it and wanted you to as well. Stream BEHOLD on Spotify, Apple Music and more.


Click here to learn about Stephen Miller’s music

***This is not a paid endorsement. I just want to share what is blessing me.

Receive all the Lord has for you this weekend!


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