Delicate Restoration

It is a gift to find a song that provides language to express part of your journey.

The song “Defender” resonated deeply with me when I was at my lowest. I would listen to it and weep and not really know why. The illumination of its significance has been progressive as I continue my healing journey.

It has become my anthem, a testimony to the mighty work the Lord has done in my life. The bridge is especially meaningful to me and still stirs up deep emotion.

“When I thought I lost me, You knew where I left me. You reintroduced me to your love.

You picked up all my pieces, put me back together, You are the defender of my heart.”

I was lost and shattered in so many ways, yet He delicately and lovingly put me back together and anchored me in the foundation of His goodness and love so He could become my strength. 

He is the defender of your heart and He wants you to discover greater depths of His goodness and love.

Let’s pray.

Lord, help us to know You as our defender and our safe place. You can be trusted with our healing journey. You know exactly what each one of us needs and when. Please teach us how to rest in You as You tenderly reintroduce us to Your love and restore our faith and hope as only You can for the honor and glory of Jesus. May it be so.

Click here to view the official lyric video of “Defender”


Verse 1

You go before I know

That You’ve gone to win my war

You come back with the head of my enemy

You come back and You call it my victory

Verse 2

You go before I know

That You’ve gone to win my war

Your love becomes my greatest defense

It leads me from the dry wilderness


All I did was praise

All I did was worship

All I did was bow down

All I did was stay still


Hallelujah, you have saved me

So much better Your way

Hallelujah, great Defender

So much better Your way

Verse 3

You know before I do

Where my heart can seek to find your truth

Your mercy is the shade I’m living in

You restore my faith and hope again


When I thought I lost me

You knew where I left me

You reintroduced me to your love

You picked up all my pieces

Put me back together

You are the defender of my heart


Have a blessed weekend and receive all He has for you!



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5 thoughts on “Delicate Restoration

  1. Music- often I think of you when I hear a song that we could dance to the Lord to😊 and I love the way you put into words things that I already know/live. Toby Mac- “I need You” was a song that helped me verbalize ( at full volume) my heart to the Lord. over and over again.

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