Remembering 9/11/01 and a Call to All Christians

I published this on my personal Facebook page this morning, shared it with family and thought I would share it here as well.

This anniversary is stranger for me because of the effects of the last 6 months. It feels like another shift in our collective experience on a deep level from all the trauma we have been through.

However, I remember the horror of that day while I was sitting in a seminary classroom and the days and weeks that followed. The eerie silence from no airplanes in the sky and then equally unsettling sound of when they slowly resumed flying in our area.

I have met so many first responders who are battling cancer and have shared stories of coworkers who have lost their battle with cancer in the years since.

One of my friends said it so well. “We will never forget but I also hope we can REMEMBER how we came TOGETHER as a country and all the patriotism we felt in the aftermath because we need that today just like we did then.” (Emphasis mine)

The opposition against our country has grown and expanded, but our war is not with flesh and blood. As a Christian, there only has been and only will be ONE ENEMY.

CHRISTIANS, it’s time to STOP fighting EACH OTHER and UNITE against the TRUE ENEMY of humanity and fight the REAL BATTLE in PRAYER and through ACTS OF GENUINE LOVE toward ALL humanity that is only possible by the power of the Holy Spirit living in us.

Comfort and blessings on this land and all who are grieving and hurting extra on this anniversary. ❤️


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8 thoughts on “Remembering 9/11/01 and a Call to All Christians

  1. Yes what you said is so true. It feels to me like the magnitude of what is going on now has in some ways made us not forget but it feels almost as if this new chronic trauma is overshadowing it in some ways which I think is sad. That said, we must take time to pause and pray for all those who lost loved ones as I can only imagine the grief they must experience on this day. And as you said come together as one body to fight against our real and unseen enemy.

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  2. AMEN…Prayer is our best gift after salvation…I am not sure we understand it’s power…Because the Holy Spirit of the LIVING GOD lives in us. We can bring down all the strongholds in prayer.. I hope on the 26th as a nation and world we pray…I remember all too well 9/11…seeing it up close and personal… God showed Himself in a cross where bodies were taken too when remains were found…it was no other symbol that stood on that wreckage but the cross.. The only hope…TO GOD BE THE GLORY…Mari

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