A Tale of Meatballs

The doorbell rang in the hustle and bustle of returning home and in a race to make a quick dinner to ease my teenagers’ hunger. It was October 31, so we assumed there were kids dressed up in costumes seeking candy at the door.

Surprisingly, a neighbor dropped off money for our son, who had cut his lawn the previous day. The exchange was quick because his thick accent was often hard to decode.

We were scrambling to retrieve meatballs from the downstairs freezer purchased especially for quick dinners on a busy night. We were disappointed only to find one bag left. That would not be enough for our hungry family, but it was all we had. The pasta would have to take center stage.

Another ring of the doorbell, and our daughter ran to answer it, anticipating children eager for candy. Much to her surprise, another neighbor dropped off homemade pasta sauce and, unbelievably, MEATBALLS!

I am convinced that my God will fully satisfy every need you have …… Philippians 4:19

We were shocked, seriously shocked! Of all nights, a neighbor decided to share her bounty when we were short meatballs.

We thanked our neighbor for her generosity and timely delivery and laughed joyously at the Lord’s provision!


Thank you, Lord, for your provision in our lives. You indeed are, Jehovah Jireh, our provider!

Copyright © 2022 Alison Lewis, A Secret Spring. All rights reserved.

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