My Response to Living in an Unraveling World

I have allowed the craziness to push me closer to Jesus and understanding who He is and the Kingdom of God that He reigns and invites us to reign with Him.

I can’t be passive or casual with faith in these times. I must be rooted deeply in the Word of God so the circumstances of life won’t shake me. I am in a good church that prioritizes His presence and as a loving community pursuing Him so we may be filled with Him and represent Him well in our spheres of influence. I’m in a small group that prioritizes sharing our lives and carrying each other burdens.

This may have been enough five years ago, but now I need more. I need friendships with other women who challenge me to seek Him and remind me of who I am when I forget.

I also want to be challenged by people with the depth of relationship with God and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit that I long to develop and value intercession. The Lord graciously led me to such a community online, and I know it will be critical to my growth in the coming year.

Lord, please give us wisdom and insight into what we need to add or remove from our routines so we can provide You the time and space to work in our hearts and minds. We need You to guide us so we can represent You well for Your honor and glory. Transform us into Your image as we seek You in the Word of God and Spirit. Amen.

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